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What drives you is what drives us

The Vibe group was established in 2000. Training projects have been facilitated by the team on 5 continents, in 16 countries. Our team and Associates are truly international in structure and have core strengths in specialist training areas. Our approach is to ride the rainbow between facilitative and directive delivery styles underpinned by accredited training instruments.

Ronan Kinahan

Ronan Kinahan

Team Principal


Founder of the Vibe Group, he has a Masters in Strategic Marketing aswell as a BSc in Management. Before establishing Vibe he worked for two high profile training companies in Ireland. Clients include CRH, Kingspan, DPS Engineering and Abbott.

Deane Hitchens-Orr

Deane Hitchens-Orr

Communications Facilitator


Deane is based in the UK, has a Masters in Performance mngt and has a strong consultative approach to communication and sales training interventions. He has facilitated projects for clients in financial, pharma, legal and I.T. sectors.

Christian Buchholz

Christian Buchholz

Performance Facilitator

Business Management Dusseldorf

Christian is based in Germany and facilitates workshops globally for clients e.g. Industrial, Financial, Energy and Trade sector. He is a true specialist and an accredited practitioner in Communication, Leadership and Change interventions. He is also part of the educando training company.


Innovative transformational learning solutions for individual, team, organisational and sales. A global learning and development company whose innovative interventions have been facilitated by Vibe since 2009.

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Vibe is an accredited practitioner for this world leader in proven performance improvement solutions. It has over 10,000 public and private sector clients aswell as 3,000 licensed practitioners worldwide.

For more information please visit: www.humansynergistics.com