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St. Vincent de Paul

Date: 27th, August, 2015

Vibe is proud to be associated with St. Vincent de Paul. To help the Dublin school book fund, we have donated a percentage of our profits from workshop workbooks, to help those help themselves.

DCU student mentoring

Date: 8th, July, 2015

Vibe is allocating a squad member the responsibility of business student mentor for one of Dublin’s leading business universities. The sky’s the limit is so yesterday for these folk

Cut above the rest

Date: 17th, May, 2015

Our ‘communicate to influence’ workshop oozes infectious optimism and delivers a new communication language for two multi-nationals staff in the USA. It’s ok to be an introvert!!

Team dynamics, what we’ve learned from U2

Date: 3rd, April, 2015

Part of our free summer seminar series, bookings are coming in from clients in Ireland, USA and the Middle East. Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.

Appliance of presentation science

Date: 8th, March, 2015

The pharma sector gets to grips with our workshop on the science behind great presentations. Part of our presentation effectiveness programme, it enhances not just impressive, engaging and memorable presentations but communication effectiveness.  PowerPoint can undermine speaker authority when abused.

Strategic market planning, future transition

Date: 16th, January, 2015

As a marketing man by trade, our team principal, Ronan is in big demand from clients, stateside, to fuel the flame for growth,  through facilitating strategic, as distinct from tactical thinking, enabling their core competencies.

Vibe visits Australia

Date: 19th, September, 2014

Since 2010 Vibe has provided consultancy and training support for an Irish Building materials supplier in Sydney Australia. Together, the company has grown from 27 staff to 120. Interventions to support this growth have included Presentations, Time Mngt, Leadership and Team building. The sky’s the limit is so yesterday!

Empowering clients with our new presentation template VIBE S5 PS

Date: 6th, August, 2014

Our new template is perfect for short presentations of less than 10 minute duration. Packing your punch into 10 minutes is not easy whether it is through the medium of a video or presentation delivery, this gem structures the messaging perfectly. Got some proven case studies too!

Sizzling Summer Seminar Series

Date: 10th, July, 2014

Every year we facilitate 5, 45 minute snapshot seminars from our latest interventions. These events were free of charge and offered to clients and membership bodies (although we suggested a donation to Saint Vincent De Paul, our chosen corporate charity).  The Sales Institute, Atomic Advertising Agency and HP were among the bookings.

Eyeful’s new book

Date: 20th, June, 2014

Our sister company Vibe Presentations / Eyeful has launched a new book. Beautifully designed and written by Simon Morton, it has received rave reviews; A winning formula for designing and creating effective presentations.