Given we encourage our clients to 'dare to be different' in terms of sourcing and selecting training providers and interventions, it is only right that we 'walk the talk' by being just as brave in running our own affairs. Here are some insights on what we are currently up to.

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Vibe Presentations

Date: 1st, March, 2017

Our specialist brand now has its very own website, visuals, 360 training programme and lots more. Visit for a ‘birds eye view’.

Vibe Velocity

Date: 8th, February, 2017

Our new brand centred around bespoke strategic solutions is unveiled. A multi coloured logo reflects the 4 arrows (niche offerings) in our brand quiver. These in time will all include an ecommerce facility, strategic consulting, an incubation centre and coffee bar.

New hire

Date: 5th, January, 2017

Very excited to be adding a new full time member to our squad. A business performance lead facilitator will be appointed very soon to support the team and our clients Watch this space.

Learning Lab box set

Date: 5th, December, 2016

AmpVisual (also known for their design work for U2) create an engaging box set of self-help guides on presentation effectiveness, leadership, team building and strategic planning. Yours to buy at our SHOP.

Studio Renovation

Date: 12th, November, 2016

Our new look at the studio needs to support ideas and innovation as well as being a more comfortable and productive environment. So, painter Gary, interior designer Ikea and artist Bob supplied their secret sauce

New horizons

Date: 25th, September, 2015

Although we love the space we live in, our momentous growth has necessitated more change. So 2016 will bring new offices, new staff and a new brand. Watch this space.  

St. Vincent de Paul

Date: 27th, August, 2015

Vibe is proud to be associated with St. Vincent de Paul. To help the Dublin school book fund, we have donated a percentage of our profits from workshop workbooks, to help those help themselves.

DCU student mentoring

Date: 8th, July, 2015

Vibe is allocating a squad member the responsibility of business student mentor for one of Dublin’s leading business universities. The sky’s the limit is so yesterday for these folk

Cut above the rest

Date: 17th, May, 2015

Our ‘communicate to influence’ workshop oozes infectious optimism and delivers a new communication language for two multi-nationals staff in the USA. It’s ok to be an introvert!!

Team dynamics, what we’ve learned from U2

Date: 3rd, April, 2015

Part of our free summer seminar series, bookings are coming in from clients in Ireland, USA and the Middle East. Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.