Our proven 4D model for maximum value

1D | Diagnose

All our workshops start from a blank sheet of paper. You tell us precisely where the need is. We explore it further. Then and only then do we suggest what the solution might be.

2D | Design

We use our Vibe Create methodology to ensure the workshop content and supporting materials make a perfect match for individual learning styles. It is just the Vibe way

3D | Deliver

Dynamic, engaging and memorable are the triggers for a valuable learning experience. So no more traditional directive style training.
Our style at Vibe is more facilitative. The output - more inspiring and practical learning.

4D | Debrief

Attendees can access our ‘Learn more bonus’ mechanism up to 27 days post delivery. We also meet the client to explore feedback and how we might maintain the momentum.

Vibe - Providing premium quality Insights Discovery and Human Synergistics accredited training, or any other training, means giving value and being valuable to you. Vibe’s workshops are the opposite of the ‘one size fits all’ standard issue stuff... It’s training with imagination, crystallised with instinct, insight and impact. Workshop content, visuals, workbooks, venues all benefit from the Vibe way.

We provide team building training, time management training, presentation training and presentation skills training from Sydney to Beijing to New York to Johannesburg to Madrid to Belfast to London to Boston to Montreal to Columbus to....

Vibe Presentations

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